15 Best Movies Like Blue is the Warmest Color

Movies Like Blue is the Warmest Color

A teen drama that focuses on finding your true self and coming at peace with your life is undoubtedly enough. Still, if it is garnished with Love and extreme emotions, it's a super hit. Blue is the Warmest Color (La vie d'Adèle) is one such movie that focuses on a teen discovering herself after countless encounters.

Adele, the high school girl, tries her best to be the normal one. To appear normal she dates several men, still, there is no charm in her life. However, one day her mundane and colorless life is painted blue when she meets the confident and loving Emma. Adele begins to open up to her and starts accepting herself. The two satisfy each other emotionally and physically as they grow together.

If you are looking for two girls following their desires and the dramatic love of lesbians, then below are some recommendations.

Best Movies Similar to Blue is the Warmest Color (2014):

  1. Below Her Mouth (2016)
  2. Opposite to Emma and Adele's innocent and pure Love, Below Her Mouth is a play that pursues a passionate love among two adult ladies. How the two stable ladies stumble in their life and get back on the right track with each other's support is portrayed amazingly.

    Jasmine, a successful career woman, is living her life well. A sudden encounter with Dallas, the stubborn, headstrong, and confident lady, leaves an impression on her. Fate brings the two together, and they find solace in each other. However, their life changes the moment they come together.

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  3. My Summer of Love (2004)
  4. Twisting the typical story of a rich guy and a poor girl, My Summer of Love swaps the regular conventions with an atypical one. The well-built emotional connection and character development of the leads make this dramatic Love enchanting and spellbinding.

    Tamsin, the wealthy lady, and Mona, the poor one, feel a strange connection between them as they encounter each other often. Their friendship grows as the two try to help solve their problems. However, with the deepening link, the two discover themselves walking down a dark road.

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  5. Water Lilies (2007)
  6. Teenage is a process of discovering yourself. The dormant emotions and personalities surface with unexpected revelations. To pursue them or not is another step that takes a lot of courage. Such a happening is portrayed in Water Lilies, where the leads are similar to Adele and Emma.

    Marie is set to join the swimming club under the pretext of a passion for swimming. However, in reality, the one she eyes is the dominating Floriane. Accepting herself and following her will, Marie is determined to do anything to get Floriane's attention. But will she succeed in the tiresome swimming club?

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  7. Show Me Love (1998)
  8. The best things are always unplanned. Sometimes the answer is right in front, yet you choose to not look at it. Show Me Love is a tale of discovering the hidden truth that always follows you like a shadow.

    Even with all the rumors, the introverted and silent Agnes strongly desires Elin, the confident and bright girl. The two don't interact even after being in the same space. However, a particular incident, a dare, a kiss, and an apology bring the ladies to a new awakening.

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  9. Bloomington (2010)
  10. Sometimes the forbidden relationships are the best if portrayed with highlighted drama and romance. Bloomington is one such movie that focuses on breaking these stereotypes actively.

    The movie begins with Jackie, a career-oriented 19-year-old. She falls for her professor Catherine when she joins the school in her busy schedule. Without any hesitation, the two follow their heart. Against all odds, their Love doesn't hold back in supporting each other.

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    More Films To Watch If You Loved Blue is the Warmest Color (2014):

  11. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)
  12. Blush (2015)
  13. The Handmaiden (2016)
  14. Wetlands (2013)
  15. Carol (2015)
  16. Room in Rome (2010)
  17. Mosquita Y Mari (2012)
  18. Laurence Anyways (2012)
  19. With Every Heartbeat (2011)
  20. Pariah (2011)

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