17 Best Movies Like The Wolf of Wall Street

Movies Like The Wolf of Wall Street

Few movies based on real-life events have made a name in the entertainment world. To portray the dark truths of society and to intriguingly showcase how ill-legal work is done legally is no easy feat. Director Martin Scorsese did a phenomenal job picturing the story of Jordon Belfort.

The film highlights the sharp and money-making minds of the financial criminal Belfort. The film spans his lifetime of collecting a fortune worth billions with ease. Belfort started with nothing and opened a brokerage firm that swept money out of businessmen’s pockets. However, he eventually came under the radar of the FBI, leading to his imprisonment.

If brilliantly sharp minds like Belfort tempt you, then below similar recommendations will surely keep you hooked.

Best Movies Similar to Movies Like The Wolf of Wall Street (2013):

  1. War Dogs (2016)
  2. Based on the same idea as Wolf of the Wall Street, this one shows a little darker side of a criminal mind with added crime fiction. The genius of War Dogs is that it shows exactly how people profit from the miseries and problems of others.

    David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli hatch a plan to earn money quickly without a hitch. Using the ongoing Iraq war as a catalyst, they start supplying weapons to the ones who need them. Earning a fortune worth billions in only days brought them pleasure; however, it also brought the side effects of taking a shortcut.

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  3. Margin Call (2011)
  4. Akin to Wolf of the Wall Street, Margin Call is a magnum opus with pure intelligence flowing out. The plot starts boring for some. However, the story keeps you spellbound by giving your brains a thorough exercise.

    The movie displays a well-known establishment and multiple characters involved with it. As the famous establishment starts the retrenchment process, they face a threat of going bankrupt within a day. In 24 hours, they pull everything they can to save them, whether legal or illegal. But the question remains, can they?

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  5. Lord of War (2005)
  6. Put together war, arms dealing, politics, espionage, and criminal minds, and you get a sensational masterpiece. Lord of War is one masterpiece that unwillingly makes arm dealing very tempting.

    The movie unveils the story of Yuri Orlov. He is a man of multiple personalities, striving to be all of them at once. His experience and exceptional mind in arms dealing bring him into a vortex. He travels to stop the cold war, rages against terrorism, caters to his brother, and chases the woman of his life.

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  7. The Informant (2009)
  8. Who is a sincere employee? Is it someone who closes his eyes to the frauds of his company? Or is it the one who accepts the dark secrets of his firm? The informant is a blend of thrill, conspiracy, suspense, and laughter, making it a huge hit.

    The story is a take on real events relating to a whistleblower. Mark Whitacre is a talented and bright employee but discovers a dark plot of his beloved famous firm. At first, he contemplates but then decides to do the right thing. Thus begins his thrilling job as a spy to find the mole and bring down the dark syndicate.

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  9. The Big Short (2015)
  10. Quick money, risks, bets, illegal activities, and quick thinking are a bomb combination for anything, whether life or a movie. Based on the similar environment and demographic of Wolf of the Wall Street, The Big Short is yet again a masterpiece.

    The movie highlights an expert analyst and money-making-mind named Michael Burry. His far sight into the market, predictions of the stock value, and keen observation of the market ins and outs helped him become a billionaire in one go. But this stunt attracts a lot of attention, and things spark up.

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    More Films To Watch If You Loved Movies Like The Wolf of Wall Street (2013):

  11. Focus (2015)
  12. Casino (1995)
  13. Catch Me if You Can (2002)
  14. Wall Street; Money Never Sleeps (2010)
  15. American Hustle (2013)
  16. Good Fellas (1990)
  17. Social Network (2010)
  18. The Irishman (2019)
  19. American Psycho (2000)
  20. Wall Street (1987)
  21. Moneyball (2011)
  22. Two For The Money (2005)

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